Friday, April 8, 2016

The Batman and I: a Chronicle

Taken at the Warner Bros. Studios, 2014
The Batman and I: a Chronicle
How we met and what he means to me!

Part I: Caped Crusader

It happened in the most innocent and innocuous of ways. That could be said for the start of any great romance. Now, this romance is strictly platonic (I swear), but it is a love indeed; even if it’s one-sided.

The thing is… I don’t remember how it started.

Oh, it could have been a passing fancy, but it wasn’t. I could have moved on after a while and taken eyes for somebody else, but I didn’t. For as far back as I have memory, I have loved The Batman. Deeply, irrevocably, madly (platonically!) and, I know by now: forever.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Superman Returns: An Analysis and Critique

Right now? I'm gonna wax critically about a film that I dislike, but don't enjoy disliking.

Different than a review, I'm going to go over what the film does right, and what the film does wrong, coming from the perspective of how we know it was recieved critically (and financially, of course), and where it left the franchise. Sounds like a review, you say? Well, I ain't calling it that. So there.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

CD Review: "The Music of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection"

The top ten Batman villains? What's that? While I was pondering this question, I realized that the CD Soundtrack I'd been pining for, The Music of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection was released this past Tuesday! I just jetted on down to the local Best Buy (Oh, Tower Records how I miss you) and picked it up for $13.99. Unfortunately, this collection isn't the way I imagined it to be. It is not without merit, certainly, but it ain't what we should have gotten.

And I don't mean in the sense of music omissions, which is something I'd been moaning about outside of this site. Omitting key pieces of music from DC's long history is surely dumb, but they could easily release another volume of music later on. So, let's go over this thang!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jonah Hex: A DC Dud

Wow. I just got back from the midnight screening of the new DC Comics/Warner Bros. venture: Jonah Hex.

Now, the following is very important to keep in mind: I'm easy to please at the movies. I love Spider-Man 3 (mostly). I found Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to be flawless. And these are just two examples of films I enjoyed that everyone else HATED.

As long as the film isn't filled with major problems (not the kind fanboys conplain about, like Peter Parker going dance-crazy), like lack of narrative and poor editing, I generally will like the film if it's entertaining. And there is definitely good stuff in this film. But if you paid modern ticket prices ($12) to see the film...

you paid at least $11 too much.

Keeping in mind what I said about Indy 4 earlier, if I'm saying that about a "pop-culture" movie, you know we have a problem.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why I love the Multiverse (Part II)

Of those two primary, outdated versions of The Batman, my favorite (as I said before) is the Silver Age incarnation that was in-continuity between 1952 and 1985, and is now relegated to the title of "Earth One" Batman. We followed him from Superman #76 until Crisis on Infinite Earths #12, in-which he was 'killed' by the consequence of the remaining Multiverse getting condensed into one "New Earth."

Although the Golden Age Batman of "Earth Two" has the more mythic setting, history and iconography (see my previous post for why), the "Earth One" Batman of the Silver Age had the better, more varied life and stories.
Cover to
"The Untold Legend of the Batman" #3,
Art by Jim Aparo.

Why I love the Multiverse (Part I)

Anyone reading this by now should know I love comic books. One of the few native art forms of the United States, comic books for years have been a place of fertile imagination and bold heroics. Coupled together with that childlike love of fantasy that everyone in the world needs to possess, comic books are a place where you can always find something to strike your fancy.

And one of the great things about comics is the subject we got goin' on now: I love the DC Comics multiverse.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book review: "Spider-Man: Blue"

 "It's about remembering someone who was so important to me that I was going to spend the rest of my life with her. I didn't know that meant she would only get to spend the rest of her life with me." - Peter Parker.

"Spider-Man: Blue." Wow. I cannot say enough good things about this book. And while I am not a big fan of the Jeph Loeb-Tim Sale team-ups that most people are (I really didn't care for "The Long Halloween" that much... sorry!), I have to say this is easily one of my most favorite books of all time. Not just comic books, but books, period.